Live Your Best Life by Katt

Sometimes you just got to get your head straight


It’s a hell of a lot easier to go from a bad situation to a good situation than it is to go from a good situation to a great situation.

There is tremendous motivation in leaving a bad situation, after all. You don’t want to be there. You hate the pay. You hate the hours. You hate the work. You hate where you're at. You may hate the person.

Changing something you hate doesn’t feel like a “risk” at all, does it? It feels like escape. It feels like freedom. It feels like trading up. It feels like trading out your baby carrots for someone’s chocolate chip cookie.

You really start running into serious trouble after you’ve gone from bad to good; after you have the chocolate chip cookie.

When you have the chocolate chip cookie and you find yourself incredibly satisfied with your chocolate chip cookie, you’re less inclined to turn around and risk that chocolate chip cookie for something better. You get lazy, uninterested in moving yourself forward.

You’re no longer trading out something you don’t want for something you do.

You’re trading out something you want (and already have) for something you might potentially want more.

The odds of winning are still the same. But, you have more to lose.

The Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Branson and others of the world got really good at trading out their chocolate chip cookies for something better and then something even better after that.

The Dalai Lamas of the world got really good at being not needing the chocolate chip cookie but being perfectly content with the baby carrots.

Perhaps, the answer is finding happiness with your baby carrots, and then and only then, setting your sights on the chocolate chip cookie.

You up for it..?

by Katt

PS. School may have banished winners and losers. Life has not. just change your mindset

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