...Remember The Butterflies You Used to Feel When Your Partner Walked in The Room.. (Kinda...?)

...The "honeymoon phase" you thought was permanent.. A secret smugness when other couples argued and fought because you were confident ... "that wouldn't happen to us"...

It may seem like a pipe dream, but believe it or not with what I'm about to share with you, you CAN get those butterflies back and help get you back on track!

Ask yourself...


  • Feel like roommates instead of lovers?
  • Argue about everything, from raising kids to whose cereal bowl is in the sink?
  • Avoid eye contact or conversation to keep conflicts to a minimum?
  • Keep a mental scoreboard of past "wrongs", and bring them up when triggered?
  • Bury yourself in work or chores to avoid spending time together?
  • Contemplate being with other people because you've got one foot out the door?
  • Maybe, the tensions are probably getting worse, and you feel like drowning?
  • Keep making the same mistakes time and time again?

Even if these pitfalls sound familiar, you haven't failed, given the pace and pressures of today's world it's not your fault. I have the solution for you. Take a deep breath and relax...we're about to take aim... and clear away some smoke.


  • Rekindle the love you used to feel for each other and get it back stronger than ever..
  • Feel excited to come home from work, because it means more time together
  • Do the simple fun activities that make you laugh and admire each other's talents
  • Work like a team when it comes to chores, raising children, and money habits
  • Cuddle, hug, kiss... get back to that "You guys, get a room" phase!
  • Bring back the hot burning flames in your relationship...
  • Create "Flirty" texts men absolutely love..
  • We really had nothing to do but drink wine and make love...
  • When you're feeling lost do this..
  • When one magic word is added in a simple text message...

Sometimes it's appropriate. Sometimes. But, generally speaking, it's far better if the two of you begin with a walk and then work into a jog and then, eventually, make your way into a sprint... it's simply "flipping a switch" because it's to remind you when you find someone you love and love deeply, hold on tight.. don't let go.

You will be re-energized, nothing is going to stand in your way from what you want!

As a lot of people are now starting to realize, you don't need advice on what you think they need, you need something different..something that works...the right solution for the problem.. Just by taking small steps will show you "How to Get Back Together & Make it Work This Time.."

Take a deep breath and relax... we're about to take aim and get started.. You're life is about to change..