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If you’re an eco-conscious buyer looking for a sustainably sourced mattress, then one great option might be the avocado green mattress hi there, i’m wes, i’m from the slumber yard, and over here we review online mattresses to help you make your online mattress purchase decision.

Now in this video, i’m going to talk about the avocado green mattress and everything that you need to know about it, like the policies, the construction, the firmness, the feel, how much it costs and, at the very end, i’ll even try to have a final verdict and Answer some of the questions that you still might have like, who is this mattress, ultimately gonna, be best for now? If this sounds good to you, stick around hit the thumbs up button and let’s talk about the avocado green mattress, [, Music, ], all right! So before i get into this avocado green matches review, i do want to say that avocado as a brand did send us this bed for free to review and tell you guys about it.

But if you order it online, it’s going to be backed by the following policies, starting with completely free shipping. This is a bed in a box mattress that will show up to your house in a pretty big box that you basically drag in your house and start ripping off all the packaging, and the thing will start to expand in front of your eyes now, since this Bed does use pocketed, coils and latex foam it’ll, pretty much be right at its true firmness level right out of the box, but you know i might want to give it a couple hours to fully inflate and look really nice now, once the thing is in your Possession you get a 365 night trial period, so that’s basically a full year to sleep on it in the comfort of your own home and start to make the decisions like do you want to keep this thing for the foreseeable future? Or is it not really the right mattress for you and if so, they do offer free returns within that trial period, but hopefully you do enjoy the bed and if so, it’s backed by a 25 year warranty.


Avocado Green Mattress Review | Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy


Now, if you need any more information about that warranty or those policies or that sleep trial check down below in the description, we’ll have a lot of stuff for you down there and also check down below in the description.

If you need any general information about the avocado, including coupon codes, other mattress comparisons and other stuff from the avocado brand, they make more mattresses than just the green, but this is pretty much their flagship one.

It’S the one that we like to talk about the most now speaking of the avocado green mattress. Let’S start talking about it. Let’S talk about its construction now in terms of its support layer, it uses pocketed coils, but they’re, also made of recycled steel, see one of the main appeals of the avocado brand, and this mattress specifically is.

It is completely sustainably sourced, so it uses materials that occur. Naturally, like latex foam now pocketed, coils are also something that might be beneficial for extra heavier individuals. We usually recommend that people above the 200 to 250 pound range should probably go for a bed that does use pocketed coils just because they provide more long-term support and durability.

They also sometimes help out with air flow. So if you sleep hot, it might be moving. The needle there avocado as a brand, does make a couple of all foam beds i’ll talk about a little later in this video, but back to the avocado green.

On top of those coils, it uses latex foam and this is the bed’s main comfort layer. Now, latex foam is actually made from the sap of a rubber tree, so it’s naturally occurring. It adds to the whole sustainability thing that avocado has going now.

On top of that, the bed also has some natural wool for additional comfort, and the whole thing is wrapped up in an organic cotton cover, and you can even get this bed with an optional pillow top that will add a little bit more latex foam and slightly Soften the mattress now, if you need any more information about those materials, and you want to check how sustainably they actually are check down below in the description, we’ll have some helpful links for you and some links to avocados websites.

You can read up all about that, but now, let’s talk about feel and overall, this bed, pretty much has a latex foam feel it’s kind of like the opposite of a memory foam. It’S really responsive and kind of squishy, almost spongy, but also kind of bouncy.

You know when you push down on this stuff, it’ll respond rather quickly and when you do change between different sleeping positions at night, the bed will adapt really quickly with you. You know on something like a memory foam the bed will be slow to respond.

This is pretty much the opposite of that when you change the bed is changing with you now i have slept on latex foam beds in the past, but they’re pretty much, not my daily driver. You know i’d be open to it, but i do use latex foam pillows and after going that route, i don’t think i can ever go back to any other type of pillows they’re just that nice.

Now, let’s talk about firmness for a second and since this bed is available with or without the pillow top, it will have two different firmnesses. Now the version of this mattress without the pillow top will be slightly more affordable, but it will be quite a bit firmer.

It’S around a proper firm on our firmness, scale, meaning it should work great for back and stomach sleepers. But if you’re a strict side sleeper, you might want a bed. That’S a little bit softer. We pretty much see that side sleepers like beds that are softer and if that’s the case, you can go for the bed with the pillow top.

You know you’ll have to spend up a little bit, but then it’s right around a medium firm on our firmer scale. So it should work for all sleeper types and again a little bit better for those side and combination sleepers.

Now, if either of those firmnesses aren’t exactly what you’re looking for avocado does make a couple of different other bed options. They have a new, affordable bed. That’S called their eco, organic mattress and that’s an all foam bed, but it’s still really nice and sustainable and quality.

They also have the avocado latex mattress, which is made of complete latex foam, there’s no coils in that one and they even have some higher end luxury models. But you know if you need any more information about any of those avocado beds check down below in the description we’ll have links to them and you can learn more information about them down there and pretty much a main ex factor that i’ve kind of been talking About this whole time is, this bed is sustainably sourced.

Now, let’s talk about couples, if you happen to be sharing this mattress, there’s some things that you might want to know those being motion, isolation, edge support and temperature regulation in terms of edge support.

This mattress performs pretty well, you know, having those pocketed. Coils means that if you sleep closer to the edge of the mattress, you’re, definitely not going to feel like you’re going to fall off or anything like that, so it performs a-okay in that department.

In terms of motion isolation, it performs good, you know it’s not the best, because latex foam isn’t really the most motion isolating material out there. Something like a memory foam will definitely absorb more motion, but you shouldn’t be waking up your partner if you get up in the middle of the night to grab a glass of water or something like that now in terms of temperature regulation, this bed sleeps about temperature Neutral, in our opinion, you know a lot of other factors come into the whole temperature regulation side of things like what kind of sheets you’re using how hot you’re keeping your room where you are, and what kind of climate you’re in so keep all that stuff in Mind but yeah this bed, sleeps temperature neutral, and the last thing that we should talk about is price.

How much money are you going to be paying for the avocado green mattress, and i do want to say that mattress pricing does change from time to time. You know sometimes mattress brands like to up their prices or lower them if they’re by a certain holiday or they’re doing a certain discount.

So keep all that in mind, but whatever is current, will be linked down below in the description and as of when i’m recording this video, you can usually pick up a queen size, avocado green mattress for right around the two thousand dollar mark before any discounts.

And if you do want to spend up for that, pillow top that’ll be an extra 500, so around the 2500 mark. But sometimes we do see discounts with avocado. You know you might be able to save some money and, if so, check down below in the description that deal will be linked down there for you, but that’s pretty much the story when talking about the avocado green mattress.

You know at this point in the video. It’S time for a final verdict, so who should ultimately go with this mattress and why? Well, if you’re, looking for a luxurious natural and organic hybrid mattress with a latex foam, feel that’s available with or without that pillow top, then i couldn’t see you going wrong with the avocado green mattress and also you know you probably like something sustainable.

That’S another great reason, but what do you guys think? Would you try this mattress? Have you tried it write us down below in those comments we would love to hear from you and if you need any more information about this bed, including buyer guides, coupon codes.

Other mattress comparisons, you know it’s gone head to head with tons of other beds check down below in the description, we’ll have some helpful links and helpful videos down there for you, but that’s gonna.

Do it for this one, i’m wes with the slumber yard wishing you a good night’s sleep, [ Music, ] like and subscribe

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