DIY Murphy Bed Without Expensive Hardware | Homemade Folding Bed under $100

In today’s video I’ll make a Murphy bed For my bedroom down here I keep the Pillow and blanket and to let the bed Down I just need to pull it and like We’ll just fall down automatically [Music] Prior to build this badge I sketch most Of the things in Sketchup this bad is Majorly consists of two parts frame Which is 11 inches wide 54 and a half Inches tall and 82 inches long and the Mattress box which is 6 inches wide 37 And a half inches tall and 79 and a half Inches long I use two sheets of 3/4 inch Plywood one sheet of half-inch plywood And one sheet of one-fourth inch plywood To cut all the pieces I used my circular Saw to make long cuts I used factory edge of one of the Plywood as a straight guide and climbed It down and made the cut I climbed a piece of scrap foot so the Plywood won’t fall to make multiple Accurate cuts I used my circular saw as a table saw And to make cross cuts I used my speed Square as a guide to assemble the pieces I glued and clamped them with my Homemade corner clamps and bird jointed Them with screws the top piece was Flexing so I put this 2 inch wide Support piece here I cut out the corner from the bottom to Accommodate this weird bump at the

Bottom of my wall You I cut that piece by mistake so I’m Putting it back in place [Music] Then I assembled the mattress box using Same method For the middle support for mattress box I used solid wood as cross pieces This is half-inch plywood I put this Aside and screw the tin case without Using glue then I tag if mattress box Fits in place I found that top piece is Still bent and getting in the way while Closing it So I took the top piece off and flipped It it worked I place the Metis box Two-and-a-half inch away from the edge And put this six feet long hinge with The speeds for the lag I used two inch Wide and one inch thick solid wood and Rounded over the top with the rasp and a File so that it can easily rotate Then I close the backside of frame with Quarter-inch plywood using nails The floor is not leveled so I had to put Some scrap pieces down here to make the Bed level I secured the frame to the Wall with Stu I attached the legs using bolts And then I attached this is stop block Here this will fall down both the legs Together and now it’s time to put Mattress in the box

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