Helix Mattresses Review – Which Model Is Right For You?

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Hey, guys. Marten here from Mattress Clarity. If you’re looking for a new mattress and you have no idea what you should get, Helix could be right for you. They offer many different mattress models with different furnaces.

Today, I want to take a look at each model, what makes them so special and help you choose the right one for you. Let’s get started. First off, I do want to note we do receive some of these mattresses for free and may earn a commission if you buy the mattress.

This helps keep this content free for you and helps us fund our testing facilities. Let’s take a look at the Helix mattresses. First off, the major details of the Helix mattresses. They come with a 100 night sleep trial and a ten year warranty and free shipping returns.

They’re all bed in the box mattresses that come to your house in a cardboard box. Very easy to unbox and to set up. In my experience, a very easy process. Now, taking a look at the mattresses themselves.

First off, there are some major construction differences. With the cover, you have a choice of a soft touch cover, kind of a thin breathable cover, or a special cooling cover. That helps with heat dissipation and keeps you cool during the night.

They also all have the same support layer. It’s going to be individually wrapped coils, very supportive and breathable as well. But the main difference between these mattresses is going to be found in the comfort layers.

Look at each mattress one by one. First off, with the Sunset on top, Memory Plus Foam has a very slow moving feel. Very good with pressure relief. It’s going to sit on top of some Helix Dynamic Foam. This is a latex alternative with good bounce, also good with heat dissipation.

Looking at the Moonlight mattress on top a layer of the Helix dynamic foam over another layer of helix dynamic foam. Then we have the Midnight mattress. On top, you’re going to have Memory Plus Foam and then a responsive high grade polyfoam.

With the Dusk mattress, Helix Dynamic Foam on top, and beneath that, a layer of that Memory Plus Foam moving onto the Twilight mattress. On top, we have the Memory Plus Foam over a layer of high grade polyfoam.

Lastly, we have the dawn mattress on top, Helix Dynamic Foam over high grade polyfoam. So now let’s talk about firmness and feel. This is another major difference between Helix mattress. Look at each one by one.

The Sunset is the softest mattress in my experience, a five and a half out of ten, definitely softer than average. Then we have the Moonlight mattress, just a little bit firmer, with six out of ten, still softer than average.

Now right in the middle, we have the Midnight Mattress, most popular model. This is close to a seven out of ten, so a little bit firmer than average, but definitely still has a good balance of comfort and support.

Also, the Helix Dusk is going to have that kind of similar medium firm feel. This is going to be a seven out of ten. Then we have the Helix Twilight. Now the Helix Twilight is going to be close to a seven and a half out of ten and also the Dawn mattress, their firmness model, a seven and a half out of ten.

Now speaking of feel, they all have more of a responsive feel overall. You have bouncy coils in the support layer, but slightly different feels depending on what’s on top. So you kind of bounce your materials on top.

It might feel more responsive overall, but taking a look at something like the Midnight mattress has memory foam right on top, has a little bit more of a slow moving feel with this mattress. Now looking at sleeping positions, first off, with back sleeping, your probably best option for back sleeping is going to be the Midnight mattress or the Dusk mattress.

Both are close to medium firm but have a very good balance of comfort and support. With your hips sinking in just the right amount, good lumbar support, and good overall support as well. Now looking at side sleeping, in my experience, your best options are going to be the Sunset and the Moonlight, the two softest models from Helix.

Definitely the softest model though, being the Sunset, I felt the best pressure relief on my shoulders and my hips. Finally, speaking of stomach sleeping, I think you definitely want to go for something on the firmer end.

So take a look at the Dawn or the Twilight. My experience, very good and supportive overall. If you sleep with your partners, two other things you do want to think about. It’s motion transfer and edge support.

Now motion transfer means you’re lying down on one side of the mattress and your partners around on the other side. Are you going to feel that motion or not? Edge support means if you’re sitting or lying down to the edge of a mattress, you feel secure or if you’re going to roll off and onto the floor.

First off, looking at motion transfer, all these mattresses handle it quite well. They isolate motion to each side of the mattress. You shouldn’t be disturbing your partner if you move around at night.

Speaking of edge support, I think all these have very good edge support. When I sat down at the edge of all Helix mattress, I felt very secure, not like I was going to roll off or onto the floor. So now the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

Which one of these mattresses should you get? First off, in terms of the Sunset mattress, a great option if you like something extra soft and also if you’re a side sleeper. Moving on to the moonlight mattress.

Also good options for side sleepers, but those are like something just a little bit firmer. Looking at the midnight mattress, it’s a great option for back sleepers, combo sleepers, those are kind of a memory foam feel right on top of the mattress, moving to the dusk.

Also a good option for back sleepers, but those are like something a little bit more responsive. Lastly, looking at the firmer models, the Helix Twilight and the Helix Dawn, both great options for stomach sleepers.

And those are like something extra firm. So now let’s talk about pricing and all the Helix mattresses are going to cost the same amount. They’re going to range from around $800 for a twin size, up to around $1,500 for a California King size.

But you can save big with our coupons. You’ll find them in the YouTube description below and over at mattressclarity.com. At at this point, you should know which Helix mattress is best for your situation.



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