How To Set Up The Thuma Bed Frame

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Here’s my coworker and I setting up the Thuma bed frame. It comes in three boxes labeled as one, two and three and no tools are required. So we started by opening the first box and arranging the long and short rails on each side of where the bed will be.

We set up the leg pieces. Stand up the leg pieces in each corner and insert the long rail into the joint. While balancing the leg and long rail, pick up the short rail and insert it. Next, place the second short rail into the third and fourth leg.


How To Set Up The Thuma Bed Frame


Screw the center leg into the center rail and place it inside the frame. Hand tighten the screws it comes with through the short rail into the center rail secure and then lay out the rolled flats down at the head of the bed.

Looking good. And if you have the potential board model, adjust the pillow between the bed and back wall. And that’s it. For more details, click the link in the description.

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