Part 3 How to Apply Edge Banding When Building a DIY Murphy Wall Bed

Plying edge banding to your Murphy bed Will give you Murphy better truly Finished professional look edge banding Is available in all types of finishes to Match whatever would finish you are Using to build your DIY Murphy bed there Are two sizes of edge banding available Primarily 7/8 and 1516 either one will Work for 3/4 in sheet material as well As 1/2 inch sheet material when you want To apply edge banding you will require a Few basic tools which are available at Most local hardware stores will need an Edge trimmer which you can buy for under $20 or you can use a utility knife there Are also a couple of types of edge Trimmer as you can buy there is a dual Sided edger and a single side erector Both will do an excellent job after a Little practice a roll of painting tape Will also come in handy a utility knife Will be a good asset to have a sanding Block an 80 or 100 grit sandpaper will Also be needed especially if you are Applying wood veneer edge banding And of course last but not least we will Require a regular household iron usually Set to the cotton temperature however Read the instructions that came with a Particular edge bending that you are Purchasing for the proper temperature Setting to assist you in applying edge Banding to the larger bed parts you can Construct a stand such as the one shown

Here from the leftover scrap wood after You have cut your lumber parts to apply Edge banding start with a strip that is A couple of inches longer than the part You are going to edge you can use a Piece of painting tape to hold on one End of the edge banding to make it Easier to apply While applying firm pressure run your Iron along the edge banding slowly but Don’t stop at this might burn and Discolor your edge banding After you run the iron 1 to 2 feet use a Scrap piece of wood and apply firm Pressure on the edge banding to ensure a Good part with the wood repeat the same Process alternating between the iron and The wood block until you have applied The whole strip of edge banding to your Wooden part You may again use the Attila T knife to Trim both ends of your edge banding Flush with a lumber use your sanding Block and slowly sand the ends of the Edge banding to finish it off Now take your edge trimmer and slowly Run it along the top of the edge banding It is only necessary to remove some of The excess edge banding especially when Using wood veneer because you can finish It off with your sanding block this way You will avoid gouging the surface of Your wooden parts hold a sanding block At about forty five-degree when sanding

[Music] If you were applying melamine edge Banding use extra caution when sanding Because you may end up scratching the Surface of the Malibu if you don’t have An edge trimmer you may use a utility Knife to cut off the excess edge banding From the wooden parts a utility knife Also come in handy especially if you Decide to round the footer ends of your Side rails parts D and it might be Difficult to use a dual ledger or even a Single ledger on the rounded end of the Side rail practice a few times before Proceeding to the actual parts [Music] Remember practice makes perfect [Music] Why not download your FREE copy of our Step-by-step Murphy bed construction Guide by clicking on the link below and If you enjoyed this video please give us A like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more videos like these

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