Part 5 Setting Up the Fold Up Legs on a DIY Murphy Bed Explained

The DIY Murphy bed hardware kit comes With a very versatile high quality fold Up legs these legs are made out of Square tube which offers increased Strength over a round tube legs and last For a lifetime in this video we are Going to cover the installation of the Fold up flags on the side rails parts Feet it is a good idea to mark the side Rails with painting tape to avoid making Mistakes when preparing to install the Fold up like shown here is a side rail With a square foot or option notice the Edge banding has already been applied if You choose to round the footer ends of Your side rails you need to set up the Legs first apply the edge banding and Then attach the lower plate here we are Preparing the side rails for the Installation of the fold up legs the Process to install the fold up legs is The same for both the square footer Option and the rounded footer options Regardless of what footer and option you Choose start by measuring and marking on The end of the side rail according to The measurements indicated in section 5 Of the construction guide [Music] You may use the carpenter’s square to Finish off mark in the side rail repeat The same process to measure and mark the Other side rail [Music]

Now use a 3/8 diameter fast and drill Bit and drill 1/2 inch deep in the Center of the pencil marks [Music] Do the same for the other side rail [Music] Note the fold up legs are marked left And right on the top of the mounting Plate the nut on a back of the mounting Plate will be inserted into the 3/8 inch Diameter hole on the side rail use a Carpenter’s square to square up the Mounting plate make sure the mounting Plate is flush with the top and end of The side rail notice here that we have Already rounded and applied the edge Banding to our side rails to complete The installation of the fold up legs With a pencil mark the three holes on The leg plate on the inner side of the Side rail [Music] Now use the quarter-inch drill bit to Drill completely through the side rail In the center of the pencil marks [Music] Do the same for the other side rail [Music] Flip the side rail over and insert the Joint connector into each of the quarter Inch holes [Music] Now insert the Machine screw into each Of the joint connectors to secure the

Leg plate to the side rail [Music] Use the allen key provided in your kit To finish typing the machine screws [Music] You can then use the 532 or 4 millimeter Allen wrench to finish tightening the Joint connectors note the legs may be Installed during the assembly stage of The Murphy bed as well this might be an Option if you want to keep the legs from Getting in your way During the rest of the construction Process [Music] If you choose to leave the ledge Installed on the side rail you may use Painting tape to secure the legs to the Sky rail [Music] The side rails are now complete and Ready to be attached to the best friend [Music] Why don’t download your FREE copy of our Step-by-step Murphy bed construction Guide by clicking on the link below [Music] And if you enjoyed this video please Give us a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like These [Music]

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