Part 6 How to Buiild Bed Frame for a DIY Murphy Wall Bed

In this video you will learn how to Build the under bed frame the inner bed Frame consists of two frame sides parts A V and four to six frame struts Depending on the bed size not the number Of frame struts will vary for each of The horizontal bed sizes the vertical Murphy beds will equally all have sig Frame strut the in a bed frame is Constructed out of solid wood using one By tooth you can use pine or any other Solid wood remember that one by twos are Actually 3/4 inch by one and a half 1 by Twos are available from your local Hardware store or longer store Home Depot and Lowe’s usually has a good Selection of solid wood to choose from You can also build a bed frame using Plywood by simply cutting a leftover Plywood into one and a half inch wide Strips refer to the cutting guide to see If you have enough plywood left over After cutting all the bad parts to build A bed frame Start by running a beauty wood glue on One of the 1 by 2’s as you see here now Join the two 1 by 2’s to resemble an owl Make sure the two pieces are flush with Each other Used to wood clamps to clamp the two Pieces together [Music] You might have to make small adjustments If the wood is not perfectly straight

Drive a two inch wood screw three to Four inches away from each end of the Frame strut make sure the screws are Flush Now drive a two inch wood screw every Seven to ten inches [Music] Remove the clamps and repeat the same Process until you have built the Required number of frames strut for the Size of the Murphy bed you are building [Music] Grab the two frame sites parts ad and Join them together making sure both ends Are flush refer to section 6 of the Construction guide to determine the Proper spacing for the frame strap on The frame side this will vary for each Bedside during at one end Measuring mark the spacing for the frame Struts on the bedsides parts a beam you May use a carpenter’s square to help you Finish off marking the frame size [Music] Now it’s time to attach the friend Struts to the France I lay the friend Site on your working surface or any Convenient flat surface and the line of Frame struts with a pencil mark on the Frame size run a small pita wood glue on The end of the frame strut join a frame Strut with a French side making sure They are flush now mark two pencil marks On the frame side making sure the pencil

Marks are aligned with the center of the Frame strut drive a two inch wood screw Through the frame side into the frame Strut where you place the pencil mark [Music] Repeat the same process until you have Attached two remaining frame struts to The two frame sides [Music] The construction the bedframe is now Complete why not download your free copy Of our step-by-step Murphy bed Construction guide by clicking on the Link below and if you enjoyed this video Please give us a like and subscribe to Our YouTube channel for more videos like These [Music]

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