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Pillows, pillows, pillows. There is no way we get any quality sleep without them. What’s up, world? It’s Tony, the sleep accessories editor for Mattress Clarity. And as you can see, there are a lot of different types of pillows.

Today I’m going to walk you through 15 different types of them, give you some pros and cons of each. Remember, you can find in depth pillow information and more And I’ve also put some coupons for some of my favorite pillows in the description box below.

So without any further ado, let’s talk about 15 different types of pillows. One important thing to note is that we may earn a bit of commission if you choose to buy this through our affiliate link in the description below.

This helps us maintain our testing operations and keeps all of our content free to you. So to kick off this monster list, we’re going to start with down pillows. Down gives pillows a really soft and cushioning feel.

And down are those fiber like feathers that you’re going to find on a bird, which are very close to its chest or underbelly. And you’ll often find down pillows using geese, duck, or swan down. Some down pillows will also be a blend of down, clusters and feathers, just to add a little more support to the pillow.

So some pros for down pillows are that they give pillows a really soft and cushioning feel, and it is a very lightweight material to sleep on. Some cons to down pillows are that they flatten very easily and quickly, so they’ll need frequent fluffing, and they aren’t hypoallergenic and can trap dust and allergens in your sleep environment.

Next on the list, we have best, best, best, best down alternative pillows suggests they are an alternative to down, and they’re a synthetic material often made from polyester. Similarly to down, they feel very plush and soft.

But I have handled some firm best down alternative pillows depending on how much fill is in the pillow. Some pro best, best, best down alternative pillows are hypoallergenic, unlike down, and they are really super affordable and very accessible.

In fact, I am sure you and I have both seen a $10 down alternative pillow somewhere before moving on to some kind of best best best best best best down alternative pillows affordable material sometimes, depending on the quality, they may need to be replaced often, so they’re not as durable as other pillows.

And like down, they can flatten really quickly and need frequent fluffing as well. Moving on, we have memory foam pillows, and here at Mattress Clarity, we love a memory foam pillow. Often these pillows will come to you in a single piece of foam, and they’re really good.

If you want a pillow to sink into, they’re going to have that classic, slow moving feel to them which will contour around your head and your neck and provide some really good pressure relief. One of the pros to memory foam pillows are exactly that pressure relief and contouring around your head and your neck, and they can often help alleviate some pain as well.

And they are also more durable than best down alternative pillows. Pillows moving on to cons of memory foam pillows. They are notorious for trapping heat if they don’t have a cooling inclusion in them.

So if you’re a hot sleeper, that’s something to note. Often memory foam pillows will come to you compressed inside a box, so they’ll have an offgassing smell to them. But don’t worry, that usually dissipates after about 24 hours.

The next type of pillow still involves memory foam, but some companies will take that single piece of foam and shred it up just like this. Some benefits to shredded foam pillows include that they are often very moldable and adjustable, so you can make the pillow how you like.

And there’s room for air to flow through these pillows, so they don’t trap as much heat as single slab memory foam pillows do. The pros to shredded memory foam pillows include that these often come to you over stuffed, which gives them a firmer feel.

So if you like firm pillows, these are great options. They’re also very moldable, and you can make the pillow how you like. Some cons to shredded memory foam pillows include like single slab pillows, they will come to you compressed, so you may be dealing with an offgassing smell.

And it’s kind of a double edged sword with being moldable. The foam can clump and lump in areas, so you might need to reshape the pillow to make it more comfortable. Moving right along, we have latex foam pillows.

This foam is made from the SAP of rubber trees, and it gives them like a really super springy and responsive feel. So unlike memory foam, you’re not going to sink into these pillows. They’re going to be really easy to move around on, but they still offer really good supports.

Some pros for latex pillows include that they’re a great option for hot sleepers. Latex on its own is very breathable, and latex pillows often are perforated, which will allow for airflow. And they’re very springy and responsive, so you’re not going to feel trapped inside these pillows either.

Some cons to latex foam pillows include that they are often very pricey because this is a natural material. And while it’s a very durable material, some companies will blend it with polyurethane, which can take away from its durability.

Next on the list, we have body pillows. As the name suggests, they offer full body support, so you’ll get some great pressure relief in your hips and your knees. And pregnant individuals will often find great support with these pillows, too.

They come full of many different materials, although the most common I’ve seen best, best, best down alternative pillows. Body pillows are that they can offer really exceptional lower body support, especially for your hips and your knees.

And they’re very popular amongst pregnant individuals to help sleep more comfortably at night. Some cons to body pillows are that they’re very large, so they take up a lot of space. And they aren’t exactly the easiest type of pillow to take care of either.

So next on the list, we have adjustable pillows. I touched on this a little with the shredded foam pillows, but adjustable pillows means just that. You can customize feather pillows to make it how you want.

This can include taking out shredded foam, or in the case of the purple pillow, it includes foam boosters to adjust the height of the pillow. That’s one of the great things about adjustable pillows. You can make it work for you in your sleeping position.

Let’s talk about some pros for adjustable pillows, the first being that you can make them hyperspecific to you to make them work for your sleeping style. They also often don’t trap heat because they don’t have a lot of material in them, depending how much you take out.

Or in the case of purple, there’s just a gel grid to allow for airflow. Moving on to the cons of adjustable pillows is while they are super specific, that trial and error process can take a very long time to find that sweet spot.

And if you’re dealing with shredded foam pillows, it can just be really messy business. To round out our most common types of pillows, we have feather pillows like down. Feathers come from birds, obviously, but unlike down, they’re a bit more supportive and sturdy than down clusters.

And it’s still going to be really nice and moldable, so you can make them really comfortable. Some pros for filler pillows are they are much more supportive than down pillows because feathers are a little more sturdy than down, and because of that, they work really well for all three sleeping positions.

And some companies will offer different firmnesses based on the feathers they use. Some cons of feather pillows include like down pillows, they do tend to deflate rather quickly, so they’re going to need frequent fluffing.

And in my experience, feathers equal quilts. So depending on where you place your head and how you fluff the pillow, they might be a little uncomfortable to sleep on. So those are the most common types of pillows you’re going to see on the market, but I’m going to cover seven more in the max’s.

Clarity pillow review. Lightning round. Starting off, we have buckwheat pillows. These are full of buckwheat holes. They’re very firm, very adjustable. Then we have water pillows. Just like water beds, there are water pillows, they’re going to conform to your head, and they’re going to stay very firmly on the bed.

Hey, that rhyme. Then we have Kpop fiber pillows. These come from Kpop trees. They feel very closely similar to down, so they’re going to feel really nice and soft. A plant based option for down or best? Best down alternative pillows.

Gel pillows. It’s not super common to see a 100% gel pillow these days, but you’ll often see it as a cooling inclusion in memory foam pillows. Then we have microbead pillows. These are going to be most commonly in the form of travel pillows.

They’re going to feel very squishy and very mobile. Then we have cotton pillows. It’s more common to see a cotton outer cover, but some pillows are full of cotton fluff. Again, a plant based option for down or down alternative pillows.

Finally, we have wool pillows. Wool comes from sheeps who need to be sheared anyway. They’re actually very temperature regulating, and they’re a great hypoallergenic pick, too. So you just had a crash course in 15 different types of pillows.

There’s a lot of information, I know, but I’ve linked the written article to this in the description box below, where you’ll also find coupons for some of my favorite pillows as well. All right, I’ll see you next time.

And I’m going to take a nap.

There are a wide range of pillows available on the market these days. At least 15 different types of pillows, in fact! In this video you’ll find out what those types are, and some may even surprise you!

Mattress Clarity maintains an affiliate relationship with some of the products reviewed, which means we get a percentage of a sale if you click over from our video (at no cost to our viewers). Also, many mattress and sleep product companies send us their products for free with the hope that we will like it and review it. However, there is certainly no guarantee that we will review it favorably. See our full disclosures here:

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6:02 Adjustable Pillows
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Down pillows are made from down fibers, or the tiny feathers you’ll find close to a bird’s chest or underbelly. These types of pillows have a fluffy, cushioning feel. Likewise, down alternative pillows feel the same way, but are made from a synthetic material. Foam pillows come in a few different ways: single piece or shredded. Regardless, they offer great pressure relief!

Latex pillows are springy and responsive, and are made from the sap of rubber trees. Body pillows are long enough to hold and cuddle while you sleep and can provide excellent pressure relief in your lower body. They’re even good for pregnant individuals! Adjustable pillows are exactly that: you can adjust the pillow to how you like.

Feather pillows feel the same to down pillows, but feathers are just a bit more sturdy and firm than 100% down. Other types of pillows include: buckwheat, water, gel, microbead, cotton, wool, and kapok pillows!

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