Top 3 Best Mattress Picks in 2022

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Hey guys it’s Taylor here with another Video now mattresses are great in that They provide support and comfort for a Good night’s sleep proper rest is Important for our bodies to function Properly and a good mattress can make All the difference with that said Mattresses do have the challenge of Being highly subjective in terms of what Feels comfortable to different people There’s no single perfect mattress that Applies to everyone so the best that we Can do is report objectively on features Like durability construction and First-hand Impressions then let you guys Make the decision for yourselves and so With that in mind I’ve put together a List of the three best mattresses that Stood out for us during testing and Provided great value for your money and Then depending on your particular Situation you can see which one might be The best option for you and as always You can check pricing for any of these Products in the description below and if I’m able to get any discounts or coupon Codes I’ll include those for you as well So first up is our pick for the best Foam mattress and that’s going to be the Tuft and needle original foam mattress Now foam mattresses are great for people Who prefer that sinking feeling when They get into bed and we found that this One provides just the right amount of

Sync while making it easy to move around This makes it a great option for people Who like to sleep in different positions Through throughout the night in terms of Construction this mattress is made with Two layers of foam the first layer is a Seven inch base of high density foam Which provides support and durability The second layer is a three inch layer Of tuft and needles proprietary adaptive Foam which Contours to your body and Provides pressure relief and this Combination of material makes the body Feel supported and cushioned at the same Time of course no foam mattress is Perfect and there are a few things to Keep in mind first this mattress does Sleep a bit on the warmer side so it Might not be the best option for people Who tend to get hot at night second it’s Not as bouncy as some of the other Options on our list which might not be Ideal for people who tend to move around A lot in their sleep so all in all the Tuft and needle original is the best Foam mattress that we can recommend to People if you’re looking for a mattress That’s going to provide sink and Pressure relief with just the right Amount of support then this would be the One to get the next up is our pick for The best luxury mattress and that’s Going to be the Tempur-Pedic adapt Hybrid mattress now hybrid mattresses

Are a little bit different in the sense That they’re a combination of both inner Spring and memory foam mattresses and What this means is that you get the Benefits of Both Worlds and this Tempur-Pedic mattress does this very Well in terms of construction this Mattress has a top layer of memory foam That controvers to your body and Provides the pressure relief that you Need but underneath that there are Springs that provide support and prevent You from sinking in too much this makes For a very comfortable mattress that Feels supportive and firm but also has The softness that you need for a good Night’s sleep another thing that we Really liked about this mattress is that It offers great airflow and breathes Really well this is thanks to the design Of the Springs which allow air to Circulate through the mattress and keep You cool and comfortable all night long And finally we love that this mattress Comes with a 10 year warranty so you can Be confident that you’re getting a good Quality product that will last for years To come if you have to be picky the only Real downside to this mattress is its High price tag but then again you’d be Paying for a super comfortable mattress That’s built to last which makes it a Worthwhile investment so basically the Tempur-Pedic adapt hybrid mattress is

Our top pick for the best luxury Mattress out there if you want the Ultimate mattress in terms of comfort And support and don’t mind spending Significantly more to get it then this Is the mattress for you and last but not Least is our pick for the best budget Mattress and that’s going to be the Zenis green tea hybrid mattress now not Everyone can afford to spend a lot of Money on a mattress and that is Perfectly understandable but just Because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean That you have to sacrifice quality and Comfort the zinnis green tea hybrid Mattress is a perfect example of this as It provides an incredible level of Comfort at a very affordable price for Less than 300 you get a very well made Mattress that uses a combination of Memory foam green tea cooling gel and Pocketed coils to provide excellent Support and comfort so among its most Notable features is its layer of green Tea infused cooling gel that helps to Regulate body temperature and prevent Overheating additionally the mattress is Also infused with natural green tea Extract which helps keep it fresh and Free of allergens and bacteria and Finally the pocketed coils provide Excellent support and help to reduce Motion transfer so you can sleep soundly Even if your partner is moving around a

Lot all of these features come together To create a mattress that is extremely Comfortable and perfect for those on a Budget of course as a budget pick you Can expect a few compromises in terms of Quality and durability for one thing It’s not nearly as comfortable to sleep On as our other top picks additionally It is not as durable and will likely Need to be replaced sooner than and Higher end mattresses but despite these Shortcomings this mattress is still an Excellent choice for those on a budget And provides a level of comfort that is Unmatched at this price point so overall The zinnis green tea hybrid mattress is Our top pick for the best budget Mattress and is a great choice for those Looking for an affordable option that Doesn’t sacrifice quality or Comfort if This is the one thing that you’re Looking for in a new mattress then this Would be the one to get so that wraps up Our list of the three best mattresses I Hope you found this video helpful and if So please leave a thumbs up as I always Appreciate that also please feel free to Leave a comment suggestions for future Videos or questions you have as we love Getting to respond as many of those as We can and if you subscribe to the Channel Welcome to our consumer buddy Family we’ve got lots more videos coming Your way so until then stay safe stay

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